Luxe Hair Boutique was created to provide affordable and long lasting hair extensions.

Why should I purchase from you? 

LuxeHairBoutique prides ourselves on providing durable long lasting hair extensions that can be used over and over again. We do not sell you short with the quality of our hair. It is battle tested and proved. Many of our clients get 3-5 installs out of one purchase! The quality and customer service of LuxeHairBoutique is unmatched.

Does Luxe Hair Boutique have a phone number that I can call? 

Yes, our phone number is 305-771-1853. We accept calls and texts at this number during normal business hours. All voicemails, missed calls and texted will be answered the following business day. If you are calling to inquire about an order please leave your order number in the voicemail/text. 

How much hair comes in each bundle? 

Each bundle weighs 3.0-3.5oz unless noted otherwise. 

Should I seal my wefts? 

Although, we provide very durable wefts. We recommend that you seal your wefts for extra reinforcement, especially if you are cutting the weft. At this time, Luxe Hair Boutique is no longer offering weft sealing services due to the high volume of orders we receive daily. 

How can I get my closure to look natural? The first step is finding a stylist who is experienced with closure and placement. Placement is key to the natural look of a closure. If you don't have a stylist we recommend placing the closure on a u-part wig and placing the wig behind your hairline. Once the closure is properly placed, you should tweeze the parting space to your liking. Be careful when tweezing because you do not want to cause balding on the closure. After you have done this, your closure should be 95% complete, we like to add foundation or concealer that is two shades lighter than our skin tone to the parting area. It covers the grids of the lace and makes the scalp look more natural. 

Should I bleach my knots? Knots should only be bleached by a professional. Bleaching the knots without experience can cause the lace to become brassy and color. Thus making the "scalp" of the closure look unnatural. We recommend that you faux bleach the knots. This can be achieved by sewing a flesh toned stocking cap under the lace or placing concealer or foundation in the parting area. 

Can the hair be dyed? 

Yes the hair can be colored to any desired color. We recommend that you go to a professional to avoid damaging the hair as we can not be responsible for hair damaged due to coloring. At this time Luxe Hair Boutique will not be offering custom coloring services due to the high volume of orders that we receive daily. 

Can the hair be straightened and if so will it revert back to it's natural state? 

Yes the hair can be straightened and it will revert back to it's natural state. It is important to remember that this is virgin hair so excessive use of heat will loosen/damage the curl pattern just as it would your natural hair. 

Why is your hair so expensive? Can I get a discount? Do you match prices? 

Luxe Hair Boutique prides ourselves on being one of the more reasonably priced hair companies out there. We feel as though we are underpriced considering the amazing quality of hair that we continuously provide to our consumers. However, we understand that hair is a luxury and not a necessity so we do keep our prices low. We do provide discounts for military and students and we offer sales once every 2 months for our clients. We do not match prices with any other hair company. Yes we do understand that you can get a 18" for $45 at _______ but we cannot attest to their quality or longevity and we will not sell ourselves short or lower our standards to compete with companies who may not offer the same quality as Luxe Hair Boutique.  

Are there any refunds or exchanges? 

Please see the refunds and exchanges tab.

What should I use to care for my hair? 

We recommend co-washing every 3 days if you are wearing the hair in it's natural state. Our favorite conditioner for our curly textures is Pantene Moisturizing for curly hair and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. It gives the hair moisture and allows the curls to pop! Avoid ethnic product use on virgin and remy hair; such as spritz, greases and oils, as their use may lead to tangling and shedding. When using heat, use lower heat settings on your irons and use heat protectant.

How should I care for curly hair? (1) cowash every 2-3 days (wash WITHOUT shampoo)-when washing, wash in a downward motion. (2)use a wide tooth comb and denman brush (3)twist or bun your hair at night to avoid tangling (4)after washing your hair, do not touch it. This helps avoid frizzing and tangling.(5) shampoo once per month to remove product build up (also condition) (6)deep condition (if you experience dryness. Luxe Hair Boutique will also send a hair care guide with your package if requested.

I love the Indian Wavy to Curly hair. Is there any way I can request the curliest batches you have? 

Due to the fact that our Indian Wavy to Curly hair is virgin we cannot guarantee the curl pattern, coarseness or luster of any bundle. Each shipment of hair is different and we cannot guarantee curl pattern. If you want hair with a guaranteed curl or wave please purchase our Malaysian Deep Curly or our Brazilian Tropic Wave.

 How long does the hair last?

Luxe Hair Boutique takes great pride in providing durable hair. With PROPER care our hair can last up to 2 years. Please refer to our hair care guide for instructions on how to properly care for your strands.

 What is your processing time?

Our normal procssing time is 2-3 business days. During sales it is 3-10 business days. If your order is placed after 5pm it will begin processing on the the next business day. If you place an order on the weekend it will not be processed until Monday.

 What payments do you accept?

Luxe Hair Boutique accepts MasterCard, Visa, AMEX & Discover. We do not accept e-checks. If you must pay with an e-check please contact Luxurious Strands prior to placing your order otherwise your payment will be refunded.

What are your business hours? 

Our business hours are Monday-Friday 10:00am-4:30pm EST. 

 Do you offer military or student discounts? Yes! We offer 10% off for students and military personnel. In order to receive your military or student discount please email us at with a photo of your student or military id. ID must match the name of the person ordering. Military and student discounts are not valid during sales.

 How will my hair be shipped?

We ship all our hair through USPS and we use 2-3 priority shipping. Each shipment comes with insurance that is equivalent to the amount of your purchase. If you require a different form of shipment please email us at 

 How will my hair be shipped?

We ship all our hair through USPS and we use 2-3 priority shipping. Each shipment comes with insurance that is equivalent to the amount of your purchase. If you require a different form of shipment please email us at and let us know. If the cost of your form of shipment exceeds our shipping price of $12.50 you are responsible for the extra costs.

 I want to buy this hair but I dont have a stylist. Please email us with your location and we will try to locate a stylist in your area.